Fishing is a deeply embedded tradition in the UAE culture. As people of the desert with little water for agriculture, the Emirati ancestors depended on fishing for survival.

The Gulf- although rich with fish- had strong currents that toughened fishing, especially without the advanced techniques we have today.

Nowadays, with the large and ever-growing population in the UAE, the demand for seafood has risen, and therefore, there has been massive investment and advances in the UAE fishing industry.

Fishing has also grown to be a popular sport and pastime amongst UAE residents, especially in Dubai, which hosts some of the finest sea fishing events in the world.

There are over 500 marine species found in the seas around the UAE, ranging from smallest seahorses to largest sharks.

Fishing season in the UAE is from February to June. However, you can fish in the UAE all year round; just bring a light sweater with you during your winter trips.  During the winter months, you’ll find more fish closer to the surface, enjoying the heat. Meanwhile, during the summer, they move away from the heat and deeper into the sea

Where to Fish


Garhoud Bridge, Maktoum Bridge, Jumeirah 1, Jumeirah 2, Jumeirah Beach Residences, Al Sufouh Beach, Ghantout, Shindagha Tunnel, Dubai Creek, Beyond Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dibba

Abu Dhabi

Al Rahba, Al Musaffah 1, Al Musaffah 2, Mina port, Raha Corniche, Reem Island


Where we offer Fishing


Modern Fishing Methods of UAE

Bait Fishing: Attaching a live or dead organism to a fishhook to attract fish to you.

Lure Fishing: Using an inanimate object such as a wood, plastic, or metal device as bait to lure a fish.

Surf Fishing: catching fish from the shoreline, including sandy or rocky beaches, jetties and fishing piers.

Spinning: Also known as spin fishing, spinning is when anglers use a fishing lure that spins as they reel in the fish.

Kayak fishing: Basically fishing on a kayak. Although kayaks are slower than fishing boats, they can reach fishing areas that boats can’t reach.

Deep sea fishing: Going out into the sea and fishing in deep waters or at the bottom of the sea. The different techniques of deep sea fishing include trolling, bottom fishing, and trawling. Trawling is illegal in the UAE.

Traditional Fishing Methods of UAE

Hadra’: The use of fence traps placed perpendicularly from the shore that lead fish into a maze, which then traps them into a lower tide.

Gargour’: A fishing trap made of palm leaves woven into a semi-circular shape, where fish food is placed inside to attract and trap fish.

Al Salia’: A fish trap that resembles an umbrella with holes around it, used to trap a school of fish.

Fish of the UAE

The Gulf waters have always teemed with sea life, and so fishing in the UAE has always been a rewarding experience.

The waters are filled with angler-favorites like barracuda, sherry, Sultan Ibrahim, hamour, sharks, stingrays, kingfish, and cobia.

Here is a list of some of the Gulf fish you can encounter on your fishing adventures:

  • ACANTHURIDAE Surgeon fish
  • ALBULIDAE Bonefish
  • ARIIDAE Catfishes
  • ARIOMMIDAE Driftfishes
  • ATHERINIDAE Silversides
  • BALISTIDAE Triggerfishes, filefishes, leatherjackets
  • BELONIDAE Needlefish, garfish
  • BOTHIDAE Soles and flounders
  • CARANGIDAE Jacks, trevally, queenfish, and scad
  • CARCHARHINIDAE Reef sharks and requiem sharks
  • CHAETODONTIDAE Butterflyfish, coralfish
  • CHIROCENTRIDAE Wolf-herrings
  • CLUPEIDAE Herrings and sardines
  • CORYPHAENIDAE Dolphinfishes or dorado
  • DASYATIDAE Sting rays
  • ECHENEIDAE Remoras, sucker fish
  • EXOCOETIDAE Flying fish
  • FISTULARIDAE Flutemouths
  • FORMIONIDAE Pomfret or jack-pomfret
  • HAEMULIDAE Sweetlips
  • LABRIDAE Wrasses
  • LEIOGNATHIDAE Slipmouths
  • LETHRINIDAE Emperors
  • LUTJANIDAE Snappers
  • MURAENIDAE Moray eels
  • NEMIPTERIDAE Threadfin breams and spinecheeks
  • MOLIDAE Sunfish
  • PLATACIDAE Batfish
  • POMACANTHIDAE Angel fishes
  • PSETTODIDAE Toothed flounders
  • RACHYCENTRIDAE Cobia or lemon fish
  • RHINOBATIDAE Sand sharks or guitarfish
  • SCARIDAE Parrot fish
  • SCOMBRIDAE Tunas and mackerel
  • SCORPAENIDAE Scorpion or lionfish
  • SERRANIDAE Groupers or sea bass
  • SIGANIDAE Rabbitfish
  • SPARIDAE Seabreams
  • SPHYRAENIDAE Barracudas
  • SPHYRNIDAE Hammerhead sharks
  • SYNODONTIDAE Lizardfishes
  • THERAPONIDAE Therapons
  • TETRAODONTIDAE Puffer fish
  • TORPEDINIDAE Electric ray