Deep Sea Fishing Trips in Ras Al Khaimah

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Weekday Private Trip

1400 AED/4 Hour Trip (Sunday – Thursday)6.30am – 10.30am OR 2.00pm – 6.00pm

Weekend Private Trip

1800 AED/4 Hour Trip (Friday & Saturday)6.30am – 10.30am OR 2.00pm – 6.00pm

Additional Hour (optional)

250 AED/extra hourAn extension of the trip beyond 4 hours

2 Way Transfers (optional)

180 AED/car (max 6 people)To/from anywhere in Ras Al Khaimah or Umm Al Quwain

BBQ Preparation of Caught Fish (optional)

350 AEDCleaning, filleting of fish and BBQ prepartion of the fish along with some bread and salads.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the trips begin & end?

If you opt for the additional transfer cost of 180 AED

If you have indicated that you dont need transport, the tour will begin in Al Hamra Marina in Ras Al Khaimah – Berth D-10.

How Do I Book & Pay for a Trip?

Option 1: Fill in the Form to the right

Option 2: Send an email to web{at}

(Specify date + time)

Option 3: Call us at +971 52 899 63 01

Once we establish availability we will send you a payment link by email.

You can settle the due payment by credit card.

Final Step: We will issue a formal confirmation that includes the location of the boat, the number of the captain and other details.

How Far Do We Go?

5-10km offshore, but really depends on the day and the conditions of the sea, sea gulls and intuition of captain Roman.
Normally in Ras Al Khaimah we work within the 15 KM range from shore.

How Do We Fish? What Equipment?

Normally we will start the trip with 1-2 hours of trolling trying to catch the larger predators.
Once we are either tired, bored of trolling, caught too much or caught nothing – we will switch to bottom fishing.

For Trolling = we use yuzuri lures and fishing spoon lures.

For Bottom fishing we use squid or sardine.
Sometimes we also work with hand lines as they provide good sensitivity for spotting the bite but usually we work with rods.
All equipment onboard is riyobi Japanese rods.

Keeping the Catch?

We are only allowed to come back to port with a maximum of 15kg or 6 large fish, otherwise we will be fined by the government.
We practice a catch and release policy as far as possible.
Naturally, you are welcome to keep some of the catch, and take it with you but with sport fishing, the goal isn’t to catch fish for consumption srictly, but rather to enjoy the act of fishing itself.
As with the law, you can keep a maximum of 6 large fish or 15kg in total.

Live Cooking FAQ

When you purchase the live cooking option, whatever fish you catch (naturally within 1-2 kg) will be cleaned, gutted, filled, salted & cooked on a small BBQ.
The fish will be served with some Arabic bread, hummus & rice.

Food & Drinks

You are absolutely welcome to bring any food or drinks with you that you wish.
Onboard we will only have water & soft drinks.
There is an ice box onboard for storage.
You are also allowed to bring special kinds of drinks 🙂

Swimming allowed?

You are allowed to swim, but not in the open ocean. We can facilitate swimming inside the lagoon once we are back in port, but this will be counted as part of your total time, so it will either eat into your 4 hour trip or you will need to get an extra hour.

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What Boat Do We Use?
Where Is It Located?

35 Foot Locally Produced Open Boat
‘Aryana’ Boat Located in Al Hamra Marina

All Trips Include:

Maximum 7 people per trip
Experienced Captain & Deck Hand
GPS + Fish Finder onboard
Ice Box, Water, Soft Drinks, Towels
Trolling & Bottom Fishing Rods + Bait
Washroom & Cabin onboard
Parked at Al Hamra Marina, Ras Al Khaimah

What Do We Catch?

The absolute best time for fishing in Ras Al Khaimah is October, November, March & April.

October, November : there is a very large amount of King Fish & Queen Fish in addition to the ‘standard catch’ outlined below.

January & February:  an additional chance of catching Cobia.

March & April: there is the chance to catch tuna aswell as increased chances of catching King & Queen fish in healthy quantities.

All year round the most common catch is:

Barracuda, Grouper (Hamour), Sultan Ibrahim, King Fish & Queen Fish.
Less common catch is pomfret, jaesh, macaroona (lizard fish), cat fish, fooga (puffer fish) & Cobia.

Overall the fishing season starts from end of september until beginning of May.
We do get catch in the summer aswell, but its usually not as abundant.

Deep Sea Fishing in Ras Al Khaimah

Ras Al Khaimah is considered one of the top places to go fishing in UAE, and an excellent spot for deep sea fishing lovers. Only a short ride from shore, and you’re already fishing in the open sea.

To be honest, Ras Al Khaimah probably has the best fishing in the UAE – better than Abu-Dhabi or Dubai, although its less popular since its less known. It is one of the few places which boasts sailfish being caught in the UAE.

Our boats are docked in the Hamra Marina, and transportation to and from the boats can be provided if needed.

l Khaimah

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