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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How it works?

    1. You fill in the form above, drop us an email directly or call us with your requirements.

    2. We will make a detailed proposal based on your requirements.

    3. If the proposal is acceptable, you can inspect the boat (optional).

    4. Once we receive payment, through an online credit card payment system, bank deposit, cash or cheque we will issue a final confirmation.

    What Is Included in Rental Price?

    The hourly rate mentioned above does not include any extras such as food, entertainment or any kinds of decorations.

    The hourly rental rate includes exclusive rental of the vessel with the necessary seamen that is needed to operate it.


    Depending on the size of the boat that you are renting and the number of people you have in your party, the price of food will vary.

    Which ever boat you rent however, you are welcome to bring any food or snacks onboard as well as any drinks – alcoholic or not.

    We can arrange food and drinks onboard at an extra charge, please specify this in your quotation request above and we will get back to you with a price.

    Condition & Location of the Vessels

    All vessels advertised on this page are in absolutely prime condition and have been carefully inspected.

    All vessels are parked either in Dubai Marina Yacht Club, or in Dubai International Marine Club, which are rather near to each other.

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    Malibu 23 Feet


    DSC_0378 DSC_0315

    The Boat

    The Malibu 23 ride series is an award winning boat for its performance & construction when it comes to big wake riding activities.

    The boat is absolutely perfect for all sort of water activities, specifically, wake boarding, wake suring & water skiing.

    The Malibu 23 has been used in world class wakeboard events such as wake stock, world wakeboard championships & others.


    The boat comes with all the necessary equipment for wake boarding, surfing & skiing as well as an instructor that will teach you how to use the equipment.

    Note: this boat does NOT leave the lagoon and go out into open sea.

    Silver Craft 33 Feet


    _MG_0925 IMG_0927

    Speedy Small Motor Yacht

    The SilverCraft 33 feet is one of the most popular boats in the region for a perfect mix of size & performance.

    The boat is rather spacious for upto 7 people, it is very fast with 2 x 200 HP outboard engines, highly maneuvrable and perfect for short cruising trips 2-8 hours and its a perfect boat for Fishing Trips. The boat has the following features:

    • Washroom, Small Kitchen & Cabin with Bed
    • Trolling & Bottom Fishing Equipment
    • Fresh water shower
    • Sun bed on the front of the boat
    • GPS & Fish Finder

    Aziumt 50 Feet

    8NsR2D5xrDU XNZgBrzmdbE



    The Azimut 50 is a boat that is entering a size that allows it to truly be a called a ‘yacht’.

    The Azimut brand that is produced in Italy is much like the other category of goods produced in Italy – very high quality with a lot of attention paid to many details.

    The boat is in excellent condition, has 1 master cabin, 2 more cabins, a large fly bridge, a sizeable living room, sunbed on the front of the boat and plenty of washrooms and showers onboard.

    This boat is truly a classy option for a relatively small party.

    Gulf Craft 55

    3 4

    GulfCraft55_2 GulfCraft55_5


    The Gulf Craft is a locally made classic which really displays the best capabilities of the Gulf Craft factory.

    • 55 Feet Long
    • 3 Bedrooms and 2 Restrooms
    • Fully Equipped Kitchen
    • TV, Music System & DVD
    • Barbeque Equipment Can be Arranged
    • Maximum 17 people
    • 3 Crew Members
    • Available in Dubai only
    • Fishing Possible with Minimum 4 hours booking

    Azimut 62 Feet


    Just like its 50 Feet Sibling, the 62 Feet Azimut is a gorgeous yacht to rent.

    It is basically a decent size house on water, with 2 master bedrooms with in room washrooms and another seperate bedroom with single beds.

    The boat boasts and enormous fly bridge and also a huge sunbed at the front.

    With a capacity of 25 people, the boat can accomodate a rather large party.

    AAD_2178 AAD_2205

    AAD_2162 AAD_2146

    Majesty 88

    Majesty88_2 Majesty88_3

    Majesty88(pax 40)_6


    • Maximum capacity 40 people
    • 88 Feet Long, Fiber Glass
    • 6 Cabins
    • Fully Equipped Kitchen
    • TV, Music System & DVD
    • Barbeque Equipment Can be Arranged
    • Maximum 40 people
    • 4 Crew Members
    • Available in Dubai only
    • Fishing Possible with Minimum 4 hours booking

    101 Foot Majesty


    This boat is a monster and truly a super yacht.

    It features 5 cabins, a full kitchen, a BBQ area, enormous fly bridge.

    Majesty 101(pax 50) Majesty 101(pax 50)_2 Majesty 101(pax 50)_3

    Majesty 101(pax 50)_6 Majesty 101(pax 50)_5 Majesty 101(pax 50)_4

    Yacht Charter Dubai: Terms & Conditions

    • All prices and boats are subject to availability. Filling in the request form will trigger our team to check availability and confirm it by email.
    • You may not rent the boat without the captain, nor legally operate it yourself.
    • You may bring your own food & drinks on board, including alcoholic ones. No alcohol will be sold onboard, however you are welcome to bring your own at no extra cost.
    • You may swim, fish or cruise around during the rental period. Fishing can only be accommodated with a minimum booking duration of 4 hours, on any of the boats.
    • If you want to rent a boat in Dubai or if you want to rent a yacht in Dubai, its important to realize that the condition of the boat, the model of the boat and where the boat is parked are all major factors in the price.

    Tips for Quality Yacht Rental in Dubai

    The things that you should for in a yacht should be similar to what you look for in a home. When you rent a boat in Dubai, you should make sure you get the best possible deal.

    The size

    The first important factor is the size of the boat. You can choose from a 23, 33, 50, 62, 88 and 101 foot yachts. As you move towards the longer yachts, you will get more comfort and space. The 35 foot yacht can prove to be an amazing experience, just like the 88 foot one. You can always meet half way with the 55 foot and 63 foot yachts. Those yachts are both spacious and long.

    If you want luxury, comfort and spaciousness then you should definitely go with the 70 foot and the 88 foot yachts. If on the other hand, you are okay with sacrificing space for a cheaper price, the 35 and 45 work well too.
    With size comes greater space and of course most people can come aboard.

    One of the most important factors which you should look for is how many crew members can come, unless you plan on doing everything by yourself. The help of the crew can make your yacht trip in Dubai amazing.

    Crew members

    If you plan to go on a smaller boat, then you probably will not need much help. With medium sized boats and additional hand is very useful. As for larger boats it is extremely important. It is not easy to handle large luxurious yachts. Most people rent yachts in Dubai for celebrations or parties.

    In that case the crew prove to be very useful. The boat capacity is also important. Our yachts can bring along either minimally 5 people or maximally 50 people, depending on the yacht. Always keep the boarding limit in mind when booking a yacht. In some cases, it is smarter to book a larger model, if some more people might join.

    Fitting the budget

    Fitting the budget is also important. One recommendation is to never make the choice of the boat based on the budget. Each boat is awesome and you will surely have a great time on each one but the key is to pick a boat that suits you. For example if you really like the 45 foot boat, go with it. There are many more factors which are important but the most crucial one is your choice.

    If you find a boat appealing to the eye, make your plans based on it. Also you can always do some additional research. The safety of the boats for example is also relevant. If you feel better knowing you are on a medium or large boat, go with it.


    The main goal of renting a yacht in Dubai is to relax and enjoy the trip. If you rent the 35 foot yacht for 10 hours but you spend most of your time being anxious, it is definitely a wrong decision. Listen to your heart.

    If you will spend two hours on the 80 foot yacht instead 10 on a 35 foot one, feeling relaxed and happy, then choose that option. Another important tip is to pay attention to what the boat offers. Each one has something unique and just might be what you are looking for.

    Make sure that that you choose the boat you will be comfortable in. These yachts have a very luxurious and comfy design. Check all the pictures and descriptions.

    Yacht Rental Dubai

    Living near the coast is a great luxury and often the best way to enjoy this access to the sea is to rent a boat in dubai and take it for spin.

    You can pass through Dubai Marina, circumvent the palm Island or simply find a cozy spot, drop anchor and have a swim. We offer this rental on an hourly basis along with the crew, full fuel tank, soft drinks, towels and basically everything that you need to have a good time out in the sea.

    The boats advertised above provide a wide range of capacities and overall experience. When renting a boat, the most important parameter is the number of people. For example, the Gulf Craft 55 that costs 1200 AED/hour and can take 17 people works out to only 70 DHS/person/hour. Considering you are able to bring your own food and drinks, this the same or less than what you would spend in a restaurant or a lounge.

    Yacht Rental in Dubai can be arranged for a variety of occassions; fishing, weddings, parties, birthdays or just for a pleasant swim in the warm waters of the Gulf.

    Our personalized booking concierge will gladly assist in picking the right boat for your occassion and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

    Dubai Yacht Rental

    Renting a yacht in Dubai is definitely one of the most enjoyable activities you can experience in this extravagant city. Whether you are a Dubai local wanting to try out something new or a visiting tourist looking for a good time, yachting in Dubai is just the activity for you.
    Instead of just talking about the trip, just do it. If you are a fan of the open water, relaxation and possibly fishing, you should definitely check out our yacht offer.

    With the ability to do anything from sightseeing the magnificent Burj al Arab and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, going on a daring fishing trip to possibly catch the rare Jas or Mackerel, or simply to unwind in the serenity of the calm Arabian Sea, you cannot make the wrong choice.
    The best tip for doing so is to pay attention to the details and plan your trip carefully.

    You should take into account your budget, cruising plan and most importantly what you like. Renting a small low budget yacht with which you will cruise around the city, relax and possibly fish in privacy is a great idea if you intend to bring along a small group of friends.
    On the other hand, if you wish to organize something more extravagant with a larger budget, you should take a look at some of the bigger yachts. Again, the main focus is on the word planning. Take into account the size of the yacht, the cost, how many people and crew members can be on the boat and so on.
    You can find all the necessary information on our website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time. You will surely find a suitable boat once you examine our diverse offer.

    What to expect when You Rent a Boat in Dubai

    The superb quality is in the details, you will see. Rent a yacht in Dubai and you will see just how unforgettable the trip can be. Spending your day on the luxurious boats in the vicinity of one of the most magnificent cities in the world is something you should definitely try.

    Often people talk about the majesty of Dubai but they also mention the majesty of the water.

    Yachting is popular for a reason.Planning and research are the strongest possible combination when it comes to renting a yacht. The luxurious design, the calm sea and the perfect climate make the perfect mix.

    People all over the world spend anywhere from tens of thousands to millions on their yachts. Why should you not join them and rent a boat in Dubai?