Deep Sea Fishing Trips
in Dubai

our fishing boats

Both our boats are fully equipped for a comfortable and professional deep sea fishing experience.

boat #1 & #2: "astra" & "avorora"

parked in Dubai Harbour.

boat #3: "arabella"

parked in Dubai Marina

our captains in Dubai

Private Deep Sea Fishing Trips

Daily Morning and Afternoon Trips
Maximum 6 guests per trip
  • Cost

    1500/3 hour trip
    1800/4 hour trip
    2200/5 hour trip
    3000/8 hour trip

    cooking fishing - 100/per person
    2 way transfers - 500/vehicle (max 6 people)


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Frequently Asked Qs'

Unless you purchase the transfer package, you will need to come to the marina to board the boats.

Boat #1: Aya, Jumeirah, Fishing Harbour 1

Boat #2: Arabella, West Bay, Dubai Marina

At the time of booking, we will specify which boat you are booked for and specify it in the confirmation email aswell.

You can either

  1. Fill in this form
  2. Call us
  3. Whatsapp up

After that, our booking admins will be in touch with you and guide you through the availability and create a reservation.

Simple answer – any.

Whether YOU HAVE NEVER fished a single time in your life, or you are an experienced angler, we will adapt to match your needs.

Our crew will do all the dirty work and teach you along the way if you are new, if you are experienced we will just focus on putting you ontop of the right fish.

Option 1: Release

Unless you plan to eat the fish, we highly recommend releasing the fish.

Option 2: Take with you

You are welcome to take the fish you catch with you. If you wish for our staff to clean it, you can request so and if they are able to they will do it for an extra charge depending on what you need.

Option 3: Go to a restaurant

There are restaurants next to both our boats which can prepare the fish that you catch with whatever sides you wish. We can guide you on this.

Option 3: Go to a restaurant

Cook it onboard. We have a small gas BBQ onboard where can prepare the fish right onboard.  This will also be an additional charge.

Naturally its an outdoor boat related activity, so it obviously involves some common sense risks.

We comply with all government requirements and our captains are experienced to handle situations.

We will not hesitate to cancel a trip if we feel the weather is not safe.

Other than that, its a relatively safe experience, and we have many kids who thoroughly enjoy it.


You are welcome to bring any food or drinks that you wish to have with you.

Fishing Seasons

Fishing Methods

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Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai

The City of Dubai lies almost entirely along the coast and fishing has historically been an important activity for the local people.
Today, fishing is a popular pastime for visitors and residents of Dubai.

Booking a fishing trip is a great way to spend the day and relax away from the stress and tension of work or a great way to spice up your vacation.
Our boats are docked in the Fishing Harbour 1, in Jumeirah 1– transportation to and from the boats can be provided if needed.

You are probably wondering what you are likely to catch during your fishing trip, the ‘staple’ of the catch while in Dubai – grouper, barracuda, king fish, sheri, and if you are lucky some travelli.
The fishing in Dubai gets a little slow during the summer months, roughly from May until October and the best time to fish is therefore October to March.

Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai

ABSea Deep Sea Fishing Trips in Dubai
Dubai Marina Yacht Club, West Bay, B7, Dubai Marina - Dubai Dubai, Dubai 37459
Phone: +971528996301
25.210504 N 55.243980 W


Fishing in Dubai happens to be one of the most popular activities to participate in, especially for anyone who loves to be on the water.

Dubai has recently become a renowned destination for port fishing, hosting some of the finest fishing related events in the entire world. Gorgeous weather, adventure, fun, and waters full of fish make a deep sea fishing trip in Dubai unforgettable.

No matter if you are a beginner fisherman or a professional angler, the warm Arabian waters are full of all types of fish, including cobia, king fish, small shark, hammour, Sultan Ibrahim, sherry and barracuda. This makes it no surprise that fishing in Dubai has become such a popular past time for natives, as well as tourists.


When you book Dubai fishing trips with us, you will have an experienced captain leading your journey on a motor yacht. You can also utilize the professional fishing equipment or bring your own.
Keep in mind that deep-sea fishing trips will be dependent on the current weather conditions in Dubai and will be subject to approval from the Dubai Coast Guard. During the trip, tourists should also carry their passports with them.

The bottom line is that if you want exceptional fishing conditions on the beautiful waters of the UAE, then booking a fishing trip in Dubai is for you.
Please note, during a fishing tour dubai – it is very important to protect yourself from the sun. and constantly hydrate yourself.


Most common deep sea fishing trips occur about 16-18 miles away from shore.
Thats is where the biggest fish are caught and its worth the bumpy ride there and back.

Depending on the time of year we may fish closer or farther to shore, also depending on the movement of the fish and the seagull behaviour aswell as just a general awareness possessed by our experienced fishing captains.


The best time to go deep sea fishing in Dubai is early morning, starting off around 6 AM. In the winter months (Jan-Mar) there is quite a decent catch in the afternoon slot (2-6pm) aswell.
These are the 2 slots during which we run our Dubai fishing trips.
Undeniably, the best time of the year to fish in Dubai is January until May, with the January to March subset being a highlight within that season.

The fishing season in Dubai generally lasts from November until May.

There are different fluctuations across different seasons, but different fish are more likely to be caught in different months.

For example January & February has an increase chances of catching Cobia.

April & May has an increased chance of catching Tuna. 



Barracuda, Queen & King Fish
These 3 are the staple larger fish catch in the UAE and is something that can be consistently relied on. Normally, the season for this type of fish is between November & May.

Trevally, Cobia & Tuna Bonita
These 3 types are somewhat common but more rare than the 2 above and are usually only caught between January & May.
Cobia is pretty much only seen in January, February & March.


Sherri (Emperor Bream)
This is one of the most common types of fish in the UAE and is pretty much all year around with bottom fishing. Usually quite small.

Sultan Ibrahim (Goat Fish/Red Mullet)
Another very common fish type which is caught all year around and can be considered a part of the local staple diet. Rather small but delicious fish.

Hamour (Grouper)
Hamour is a very popular local fish but is more rare than the sherri or sultan Ibrahim. Its also bigger and arguable tastier with less bones and more fillet.

Jas & Mackarel
These 2 types of fish are much less common but none the less sufficiently common to get a mention and are often caught.

Bait & Useful Items
The most common & effective bait used in the UAE for bottom fishing is squid & small shrimp.
Naturally for trolling, the best kind of bait to use is ‘rapala’, an artificial fish mock-up.

Useful Items to Take With You for a Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai are:

  • Sunblock
  • Long Sleeve Shirts/t-Shirts
  • Warm Clothing in Winter Months
  • Sea Sickness Pills
  • Snacks
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