Hunting for Tuna: Fishing in Dubai, February 2018

The weather is perfect.

The sea is calm and the best part is, tunas are in town!

We went out approximately at 2pm, and starting casting at approximately 2.45/3.00pm from Fishing Harbour 1.

Our goal for the day purely to focus on tuna.

We were mainly following the birds and waiting for the schools of tuna to surface, and then casting right into it.

We did not get around to much jigging that day and didn’t intend to troll.

All in all we caught 3 very healthy tunas, all approximately in the 7-8 kg range with more hits that got away.

At some point during the trip we came across a large school of dolphins that passed by us, which was truly stunning.

The tuna hunt was really cool – as the schools rose the water would boil on a rather large surface area. Overall, the tunas are a beautiful fish, with lots of power and fights like a boxer.

The fish is all muscle and power. Its really majestic and for the last 2 weeks they have been a very consistent catch.

Its very encouraging to see healthy schools of them entering the Gulf.


~ Timur, 23rd February, 2018