Deep Sea Fishing Trips in Abu Dhabi.


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1000 AED/3 hour trip
1200 AED/4 hour trip
1470 AED/5 hour trip



    Experienced captain, equipment, bait

  • BOAT

    Private use of boat with all onboard equipment.


    Water, soft drinks, icebox, fresh water shower


    Timing is flexible, however we recommend

    • Morning: Start at 5 AM
    • Afternoon: Start at 4 PM


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We hate disease.

  • Social Distancing

  • Santization

  • Masks & Gloves


Questions that we hear a lot.

Where Do The Tours Begin & End?

In your booking request form, if you indicated “Transport” as “YES” we can provide transportation from anywhere in Abu Dhabi and back at an additional cost of 180 AED with a maximum of 6 people. (Note: the boat can take more than 7, but our car can only take 6).

If you have indicated that you dont need transport, the fishing trips will begin in Marina Mall Yacht Club. (Click for location) or see below.

How Do I Book & Pay for a Trip?

Option 1: Fill in the Form to the right

Option 2: Send an email to web{at}

(Specify date + time)

Option 3: Call us at +971 52 899 63 01

Once we establish availability we will send you a payment link by email.

You can settle the due payment by credit card.

Final Step: We will issue a formal confirmation that includes the location of the boat, the number of the captain and other details.

Where Do We Fish? How?

Normally we will start the trip with 1-2 hours of trolling trying to catch the larger predators.
Once we are either tired, bored of trolling, caught too much or caught nothing – we will switch to bottom fishing.

For Trolling = we use yuzuri lures and fishing spoon lures.

For Bottom fishing we use squid or sardine.
Sometimes we also work with hand lines as they provide good sensitivity for spotting the bite but usually we work with rods.
All equipment onboard is riyobi Japanese rods.

Keeping the Catch?

We are only allowed to come back to port with a maximum of 15kg or 6 large fish, otherwise we will be fined by the government.
We practice a catch and release policy as far as possible.
Naturally, you are welcome to keep some of the catch, and take it with you but with sport fishing, the goal isn’t to catch fish for consumption srictly, but rather to enjoy the act of fishing itself.
As with the law, you can keep a maximum of 6 large fish or 15kg in total.

Live Cooking FAQ

When you purchase the live cooking option, whatever fish you catch (naturally within 1-2 kg) will be cleaned, gutted, filled, salted & cooked on a small BBQ.
The fish will be served with some chips.

Its not a fancy event, and we do the best given the space restrictions onboard our boat but the freshness of the fish is incomparable to any restaurant and our captains have good experience with this kind of preparation.

Food & Drinks FAQ

You are absolutely welcome to bring any food or drinks with you that you wish.
Onboard we will only have water & soft drinks (unless you specifically order the BBQ option onboard).
There is an ice box onboard for storage.
You are also allowed to bring special kinds of drinks 🙂

Is Swimming Allowed?

You are allowed to swim, but not in the open ocean. We can facilitate swimming inside the lagoon once we are back in port, but this will be counted as part of your total time, so it will either eat into your 4 hour trip or you will need to get an extra hour.


We cater to all experience levels.

  • Trolling

    Good for beginners. Targeting top water predators.

  • Bottom Fishing

    Good for beginners. Targeting bottom feeders.

  • Casting

    Advanced – top water predators

  • Jigging

    Top or bottom waters – wide range of hits


shane walker
shane walker
17:48 20 Apr 17
Great trip with Ruben , lost a few good fish trolling and had a great time bottom fishing with the family . We must have caught 30 fish between us .
Dmitry Kuznetsov
Dmitry Kuznetsov
07:49 30 Oct 16
I've had a nice fishing trip and caught some excellent barracudas and hammours. Captain Ruben is very experienced and the boat was in mint condition.
Rustam Gabdrakhmanov
Rustam Gabdrakhmanov
08:55 26 Oct 16
Excellent fishing. We catch a lot of fish. Really enjoyed
Oleg Khot
Oleg Khot
08:55 26 Oct 16
The best!
Maksim Bobylev
Maksim Bobylev
08:47 26 Oct 16
Отличная получилась рыбалка
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Abu Dhabi Fishing Trips

Deep Sea Fishing in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is located on coast of the Arabian Gulf.

Throughout history Abu Dhabi has great strategical importance due to the proximity to the the water and the mountain Hafeet.

Fishing has always been important to the native people. Even today it is important, but with the goal of relaxation.

Fishing Trips in Abu Dhabi

One of the best ways to escape the city stress is to include a fishing trip in your vacation. It will surely make your holiday more entertaining.

Our boats can be found on the Marina Mall Yacht Club right next to Marina Mall. Transportation can be arranged separately.

You might have inquired as to which fish exactly you can catch, while on your fishing trip.

Barracudas, black breams, kingfish, silvery grunts, spangled emperors, spotted queen fish and trevallies can be most easily found in the months from the beginning of November to end of March.

With a bit of luck, you might also catch cobias and groupers.

Fishing Abu Dhabi: 101

In the recent years fishing has proven to be one of the most appealing activities in Abu Dhabi. People who fancy the open and relaxing sea massively turn up all over the year. Due to the vast popularity and perfect nature conditions, Abu Dhabi is often the host of numerous fishing events and competitions.

Abu Dhabi waters are friendly and welcoming to both professionals and beginners. The warm, calm waters are full of numerous types of fish, like the silvery grunt which can be easily caught all over the year. Enjoy the calm waters full of barracudas, trevallies, spangled emperors, spotted queen fish and many more.

Common Catch


Barracuda fish are very abundant in the months from October to April. In that period you are highly likely to find them on the end of your fishing rod. They can be found in less abundance in May.

The lowest chance of catching the barracuda fish is from June to August.

Black Bream

Black bream can be most easily caught in the months from the beginning of December to the end of February. The black bream can be fairly caught in the months from the start May to the end August.

In the time period from beginning from March to April, September to November, your chances are good.


Cobia might be one of the most difficult fish to catch during the whole year in Abu Dhabi.

The abundance is relatively low compared to other fish, throughout the year.


Grouper fish has good abundance in the Arabian Sea from the beginning of September, until the end of May. In the summer months ranging from the beginning of June until the end of August, you can find fair abundance.


You have high chances of catching kingfish in the period from the beginning of November up until the end of March. April, May, September and October provide good probability for catching kingfish. Fair chances are from June until August.

Silvery Grunt

Silvery Grunt is definitely a fish you should take interest it. The chances are the highest for you to catch this type of fish. In the month from November until the end of March, the chances are excellent.

From April until the end of October, you still have good chances, unlike with some fish.

Spangled Emperor

Also known as the yellow snapper has the highest abundance in the winter months.

During the summer your chances of catching this fish are smaller but autumn and spring still offer great fishing possibilities.

Spotted Queenfish

The Spotted Queenfish, also known as the leatherskin, inhabits these waters too. Fishing possibilities are great in all season apart from the summer.

Just because the chances are smaller does not mean that you might not find a leatherskin on your fishing rod.


Trevally fish are ones you should definitely look out for. There are many of them in the Arabian Sea.

The best time to fish for trevally fish is from November until March. They can still be found throughout the year.


Alpha Fishing Trips Abu Dhabi
Al Marina Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi 37459
Phone: +971528996301
24.476633 N 54.325724 W

What to bring?

It is important to stay safe and healthy on the trip. You should definitely bring sunscreen and a long sleeved shirt to protect you from the sun. If you get sick easily on-board, you should bring along some sea sickness pills.

During the colder months, it would be a smart idea to bring a jacket or something to keep you warm. Bringing some additional food might be a good idea too.

As for the bait you can take small shrimp or squid, which are most frequently used in UAE. You can do some research and find specific bait for some fish too.

Upon making a booking for an Abu Dhabi fishing trip, you will also get a skilled captain who will be in charge of your motor yacht trip. If you have your own equipment, feel free to bring it along. If you do not, do not worry, there is a fine selection of professional fishing gear.

Note that deep sea fishing trips are reliant on the present weather conditions in Abu Dhabi. The trip also has to be approved by the Abu Dhabi coast Guard. If you are a tourist, do not forget to bring along your passport. It is essential for the trip.

In conclusion, if it is your wish to experience the incomparable and remarkable fishing environment that Abu Dhabi waters feature, you should definitely arrange a fishing trip with us.

When to go fishing?

The best time of day to go fishing is when the sun rises or sets. The fish are most present at those time, but can also be found throughout the day. Winter months offer the best conditions for fishing.

The best catch can be found then at time from 2 to 6 pm, the perfect time to be fishing.

The best time to go fishing in Abu Dhabi would be in the period from November to March.

Usually the highlight of the fishing season is in the period from January to March.

Fishing Trip Abu Dhabi

Deep Sea Fishing Abu Dhabi