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    DeepSea Fishing in UAE

    We operate a Fishing Charter Operation in the UAE with 4 Motor Yachts operating in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Ras Al Khaimah

    Our principle is to only offer Fishing Trips on a Private Basis.

    • Deep Sea Fishing Trips in UAE
    • AED18004 Hours
    • Week Day Price - 1400 AED
      Week End Price - 1800 AED
      4 Hour Exclusive Fishing Charter
      Max 7 People
    • 250 AED/every extra hour (optional)
      2 Way Transfer: 180 AED (optional)
    • Fishing Equipment, Bait, Soft Drinks & Water Incl.
      Supervision of 2 Experienced Crew Members
    • Morning Slot: 6.30 - 10.30 AM
      Afternoon Slot: 2.30 - 6.30 PM
      Available Daily
    • Boats in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & R.A.K
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    Once you fill in the form, we will receive an email requesting the date.

    Next, if the boat is available we will

    • 1. Email you confirmation availability
    • 2. Block the date for you for 24 hours
    • 3. Send you a payment link that can be settled through credit card
    • 4. Once payment is made send you a final confirmation

    If the boat is NOT available, we will reply advising another available date.

    What Does The Price Include?

    We only offer fishing trips on a private basis, meaning that there will only be your party onboard.
    The price is fixed regardless of the number of people, whether its 1 or 7.
    The price includes:

    • 1. Private Rental of the Boat
    • 2. All necessary fishing equipment & bait
    • 3. Water, Soft Drinks & 2 crew members

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    WhyChoose Our Fishing Charter?

    So you are browsing through web sites, looking for a reliable supplier to take you fishing.

    So why us?

    Naturally, we will not say anything negative about ourself, but here are some objective truths about our company.

    • Our legal name is ABSEA YACHTS & BOATS RENTAL LLC
    • We are the end owners of 4 Fishing Intended Motor Yachts
    • 1 Boat in Abu Dhabi (Alpha), Dubai Marina Mall Yacht Club
    • 1 Boat in Ras Al Khaimah (Arabella), Al Hamra Marina
    • 2 Boats in Dubai (Avorora & As-soil), DIMC (Adjacent to Barasti Bar)
    • We have 7 full time captains who do nothing besides driving boats & fishing
    • On average, each crew member has been doing this for 5-7 years each
    • We are the only fishing charter company in the UAE to have boats in 3 Emirates.
    • All our boats are located in the most prime locations.
    • We catch fish. Always.
    • We never sell ‘sharing’ trips. One group = one boat.
    • We never fish closer than 10 KM from the shoreline.

    MoreInformation on Deep Sea Fishing

    We do both trolling & bottom fishing, ofcourse depending on the requirements of the guests we pick the amount of time for each.

    If the goal is to catch only bigger fish we place a bigger emphasize on the trolling, if the goal is to catch more fish, then its bottom fishing.

    What We Normally Catch

    When deep sea fishing in UAE there is always a staple of fish that is very in common, i.e: something that you can rely on to be consistent.

    For trolling the most common kinds of fish are barracuda,king fish, trevally, cobia & blue fin tuna. The last 3 are less common than the first 2.

    The best time to catch larger game is between November & May, and the absolute best months are Jan-March.

    When bottom fishing, the most common catch is Sherri(Emperor Bream), Sultan Ibrahim (Goat Fish/Red Mullet) and Hamour (Grouper). Time to time Jas & Mackarel are caught as well.

    Where We Fish

    Usually we fish about 16 miles from shore, which takes about 30 minutes to reach. Our captains have fish finders aswell as GPS coordinates of tried and tested fishing spots for both trolling & fishing.

    What To Bring

    We recommend bringing sunblock, long sleeve t-shirts, warm clothing in winter months, sea sickness pills & some snacks.

    MoreInformation on Fishing in UAE

    Top Fish To Be Consumed

    Below is a list of Fish in the UAE that have healthy numbers and must be a priority for consumption.

    1. Orange Spotted Trevally (Jesh Um Al Hala)
    2. Two Bar Seabream (Faskar)
    3. Black-Streaked Monocle Bream (Ebzimi)
    4. Yellow Bar Angelfish (Anfooz)
    5. Sordid Sweetlips (Yanam)
    6. Ehrenbergs Snapper (Naiser)
    7. Yellow Fin Seabream (Shaam)
    8. Blackspotted Rubberlip (Hilali)
    9. Giant Sea Catfish (Khan)
    10. Yellow Tail Scad (Durduman)

    How to Catch Fish

    Step 1: Go To Where The Fish Is

    When it comes to deep sea fishing trips, the importance of location is drastically different to shore fishing.

    Once you have pushed off, the most important thing to catch fish in the UAE, like anywhere else in the world is to find the ‘spots’.

    As a rule of thumb, drop offs, trenches, reefs, and any other place that provides some sort of cover. Places like this attract smaller fish, which in turn attract larger game animals.

    As mentioned above, our captains have such spots on their GPS which have been developed through years of fishing & experience.

    Step 2: Choosing The Bait

    It’s off great important to pick bait that matches what you are targeting.

    As mentioned above, squid usually works best for bottom fishing, whereas artificial plastic fish is used for larger game fishing.

    Step 3: Choose the Fishing Method

    Usually we start out trip with about 1-1.5 hours of trolling, with a goal of catching larger game fish. After that, depending ofcourse on the requirements of the guests we usually move onto bottom fishing.

    As a result we usually end up with a good mix of larger & smaller fish.

    TipsFor Fishing in UAE


    #1: Change Bait Regularly

    When bottom fishing, often the bait either comes off, or is taken off by the fish, which leaves you just sitting & waiting for nothing.

    #2: Be Patient

    As any experienced fisherman will tell you – patience is key. Without patience you are unlikely to have any catch at all.

    #3: Let The Crew Help

    Especially with larger game, it is very tricky to pull out of the water, and infact often dangerous. Do not interfere with the crew when they are pulling out the more dangerous animals.

    Tradition of Fishing in UAE

    In the UAE, which lies entirely along the coast line, fishing has been an immensely popular activity and source of protein.

    Fish was caught and either eaten immediately or salted and taken inland. This was often an important source of protein for inland residents aswell as camel fodder and fertilizer.

    The most common types of traditional fishing methods was through the use of nets, called ‘Hadra’ or ‘Gargour’ which were deployed from boats called lanshs, or palm-front shashahs.

    In recent years, due to the large increase in demand for seafood, larger and more advanced fishing methods are being used for commercial fishing the local fish stocks are being depleted, causing a risk which is being addressed by the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi.

    What Else To Do in Dubai

    #1: Sea Cruise Around Palm Island

    If you are not into fishing, you can have a quick yacht cruise around the Palm Island, through Dubai Marina & the coast of Jumeirah.

    Its a great 2 hour experience that will give you a feeling of freedom, freshness & provide you with a great view of the Dubai coastline.

    #2 Yacht Rental Dubai

    If you are not interested in a quick 2 hour cruise on a small and nifty motor yacht, you can rent a much larger boat and through a birthday party, a wedding, just a party and spend a longer time out in the sea.

    #3 Abu Dhabi City Tour

    A City Tour of Abu Dhabi is an important thing to do in the UAE, as it provides insight and perspective on the evolution of the UAE.

    The heritage village & Sheikh Zayed are some of the most iconic attractions & landmarks of the UAE.

    #4 Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai Marina

    Dubai Marina is one of the nicest areas in Dubai and its an awesome area to explore, both as a tourist & a local.

    Seeing the area from a boat, while having a dining experience is a great way to understand the area.

    #5 Musandam Day Trip

    Musandam is an area that belongs to the Sultanate of Oman, but its infact surrounded by the UAE. It is accessible from the UAE and is a truly unique area with Fjords and the richest underwater life in the area. It is perfect for Scuba Diving.

    #6 Dubai City Tour

    For someone that is just visiting Dubai, the city won’t make much sense. There are a lot of contrasts and seemingly contradictive sights.

    An experienced Tour Guide is a great way to understand the city, and see the contrasts in a meaningful way.